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Personalized Wine Log & Wine Tasting Notes Template

  • Handmade High Quality 100% Hermann Oak Leather
  • 120 Wine Tasting Notes Entry Pages
  • 2 Wine Tasting Template Books, 60 pages each Included
  • Books are Removable and Refillable, Can Add More if Needed
  • Wine Tasting Notes Template will guide you through the Wine Tasting Method
  • Plenty of Space for Detailed Wine Tasting Notes and Comments/Ratings
  • Extra Strong Elastic Bands hold up to 4 Booklets in place
  • Cover Size = 6 x 9.5 in. Wine Notes Books = 5.5 x 8.5 in
  • Read Why this Wine Journal was created
  • BrownAndGreyLeatherWineJournalsVertical
  • Wine Journal with Personalized Cover Page
  • Wine Journals In Natural Light
  • Wine Journal Entry Examples with Spanish Wine Bottles
  • Wine Tasting Notes Template Free Download
  • Interior Cover and Instructions
  • Cute Dog with Wine Journal
  • Cute Dog Reading Wine Journal
  • Wine Journal Spine with Metal Rivets
  • 6 Inch Brown Leather Wine Journal
  • 9.5 inch Brown Leather Wine Journal
  • BrownLeatherWineJournalWithElasticBand
  • LeatherWineJournalInteriorWithElasticsBandsBestWineLog

Why should I Use a Wine Journal?

  • Improve Wine Tasting Knowledge and your Palate!
  • It’s Fun and you get to Drink More Wine!
  • Best Wine Journal on the market! Looks Great, Works Better!
  • Perfect for Wine Clubs and Wine Tasting Groups!
  • Fantastic Wine Gift Idea for anyone who enjoys wine!
  • Only Buy Wine you Love and avoid those bottles you didn’t, Saves Money!
  • Put Down Your Phone and use Pen, Paper, and Leather – You will Feel Better!
  • Pays for itself in 3-4 bottles of wine!
  • Great Conversation Starter!
  • Support another wine enthusiast and artisan!
  • Chef Fabio Viviani recommends it!

How to Taste Wine and How to Write Wine Tasting Notes

1) Swirl the wine glass to release the aroma and then smell the wine. Note the first 1-2 main aromas you identify then add an adjective to each.
Example: Fresh Blackberry, Dried Cherry, Strawberry Jam, etc.

2) Smell the wine again and record secondary and tertiary aromas in the same way. Use the 8 main groupings in the Aroma section to spark ideas. Try to come up with specific aromas and descriptors for each group you pick up on (not all will necessarily be present).

3) Taste the wine paying attention to move it around in your mouth and hit all taste buds.

  • Sweetness will be felt on the tip of your tongue.
  • Acidity will make your mouth pucker and salivate.
  • Tannins are felt as dryness or a sandpapery texture on your tongue and/or gums.
  • Body can be light and watery or full and viscous. Is the wine balanced or does one component stand out more than the others?

4) Take another sip, swallow, inhale through your mouth and then exhale through your nose. Do you notice any new aromas or flavors? Consider the alcohol on the back of your throat is it powerful or mellow? How is the finish, is it short, medium, or long?

5) Take a few more sips and elaborate on anything new you pickup. Does the wine taste like it smells?

6) Finally, and most importantly, HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE WINE!

Still not sure you want one??? Print out a few copies of the Wine Log Template, rate a few bottles and then decide if you like it or not. If you do, Buy one!

Wine Tasting Notes Template FREE Download

Wine Tasting Notes Template FREE Download
Wine Tasting Notes Template PDF (8.5×11) Click to Download

How to Write Wine Tasting Notes – Additional Resources

Tips for Using Your Leather Wine Journal

  • Record any and all wines you try whether or not you liked the wine or hated it, the more you record the better if you want to improve your palate.
  • Develop a Wine Rating System and stick to it over time so you have consistent ratings. It’s OK to change wine ratings if you over or underrate a bottle initially.
  • Recommended Wine Rating Systems: 0-10, 0-100, A,B,C,D,E,F
  • Take pictures of the wine labels so you can easily recall them later.
  • When shopping for wine, bring your wine journal with you so you can buy the wines you liked and avoid those you did not.
  • Write the Store Name and Price Paid on the back label of the bottle right after you buy them, that way it is easy to remember and add to your journal later.
Wine Gifts for Wine Enthusiast with Dogs

Wine Gifts – Perfect Gift and Wine Accessory for The Wine Snob and The Wine Lover who has Everything!

Wine Club and Wine Tasting

Ideal for Wine Tastings and Wine Clubs!

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